Sunday, October 13, 2013

Audio Tour of Fire exhibition

I am experimenting with different ways of putting on line an audio tour for our new exhibition, "Where There's Smoke: Living with Fire."  Here, I've made to links to .mp3 files on my Google Sites location:

00-Introduction to the Exhibition

01-Overview of exhibition (describing how the exhibition developed)

02-Explaining the Soundscape (Commentary on Justin Poole's soundscape for the show)

03-Ancient Regimes of Fire (on Dr. Megan Walsh's Research)

04-Fire and Evolution (on how domesticated fire contributed to human evolution)

05-Religion and Fire (on the symbolism of fire in World Religions)

06-Cooking and Culture (on the anthropological idea that cooking is a kind of language)

07-The Culinary Triangle (on Claude Levi-Strauss' ideas)

08- Sacred Smoke (on Native American smoking pipes)

09-  Fire graph (on extent of fire in the Inland Pacific Northwest from 1540-1920)

10- Firefighting tools (including the Pulaski tool and the water cannister)

11- Roslyn Fire Department (badge)

12- Taylor Bridge Fire timeline

13-Joe Powell's poem, "The Taylor Bridge Fire"

14-Mark Halperin's poem, "After the Fire"

15-Don Bronstema's painting, "Sunset Before the Taylor Bridge Fire"

16-Memorial Panel (Honoring lost firefighters)

We are pondering different delivery methods, for visually impaired visitors to the exhibition, or anyone else who would prefer to listen to the audio tracks.  One option is signing out ipods, with the tracks loaded, from the museum front desk.  We could also put QR codes on the wall, allowing those with smart phones to link to the audio segments on line. We are in time hoping to have a cell phone tour, so that visitors simply will be able to phone in to a specified number, and punch in the designated segment. 

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