Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Museum Statement on Accessibility

Following the lead of other museums,  the MCE has been working on developing a statement on accessibility, to help guide our efforts to accommodate diverse publics, including persons with special needs and disabilities.

Here's our current draft. We welcome comments and suggestions from interested parties:

MCE Draft Statement on Accessibility

Draft  2/5/13

The Museum of Culture and Environment (Central Washington University) is committed to making its exhibitions,  programs, and services accessible to everyone,  including those with special needs. We seek to accommodate a diverse range of learning styles and to engage multiple senses and educational approaches as visitors engage with exhibition materials and public programs. 

The Museum, located on the ground floor of Dean  Hall, is accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. Service animals are welcome in the Museum,

Working  closely with our Advisory Committee on Accessibility, we explore new forms of assistive technology to deepen the museum-going experience for all. The Museum is working towards developing audio guides, available through assistive devices or mobile phones, for all interested visitors, including visually-impaired visitors. 


We anticipate that our advisory committee or working group on accessibility will include students, staff and faculty members, and perhaps off campus reps as well.

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