Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GoogleEarth cultural history tour

Thanks to the tireless work of graduate student Marco Thompson on the technical side, we've finally gotten up a beta version of the prototype GoogleEarth-based tour I've narrated , comparing Woody Guthrie and Sherman Alexie's representations of the Columbia River:

nb for this to work you will need to download the latest version of GoogleEarth to your desktop.  See:

Once you open the tour window, at the far bottom left (you may need to manipulate the window to see this), please click on "Enter Tour" and then click on "Play Tour."

Our hope is that our developing journal  Cascadia Chronicle

will have many such GoogleEarth-based tours on a wide range of topics, throughout Cascadia.

We are still trying to get a feel for the scholarly and aesthetic potentials of this new technology; so please share your thoughts and suggestions.

(note: For my longer essay on the topic of Guthrie and Alexie see:

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