Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From a Georgia Cemetery

The filmmaker and religious scholar China Galland has posted three minutes of footage shot last spring in the historic Farmer Street African American cemetery in Newnan, Georgia:

Several attendees at the national meeting of the Alliance for Truth and Racial Reconciliation were gathered to reflect on the cemetery. Milagros Phillips offers a song and prayer as she pours out libations. I briefly discuss the imagery in what is perhaps the most beloved of all Zambian Ngoni songs, "Kalelo Makolo Athu Anasauka Kwambiri" (Long ago our ancestors suffered terribly), a haunting remembrance of long-lost community members who were sold off for cloth in the time of the slave trade.

China is directing and producing what promises to be a most remarkable film, Resurrecting Love, about  struggles to safeguard community access to a historic African American cemetery in Texas:

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